What Colour is your Glass pool Fence? Clear glass and the Gold Coast

Whenever we provide quotes for Frameless Glass pool fences In the Gold Coast we generally have customers asking about coloured glass. For the most part, we don’t use glass that has been colourised– instead, the real specialty is in Clear Glass.

A lot of the glass that is manufactured today is made to fit budgets, and often this regular glass is the one which is used for day-to-day Frameless Glass pool fences. That being said, if you are looking for a greater look, or added strength, Absolut Custom glass can help you – there are of course types of glass that can appear to be much clearer than the others.

The clear glass that we most frequently use on the Gold Coast are Starphire, UltraClear, Optiwhite, Starwhite and Krystal Klear just to list a few.

Just what is the difference?

Generally, the process of developing this very clear glass starts in the manufacturing process. Normal toughened glass will normally have a slight green tint to it. This is not usually obvious to the naked eye when looking directly at a panel. It becomes more evident when you look at a border of the glass, this is where it may look fairly green.

Quite often to the untrained eye, all the glass will look clear, until you put a piece of a style of ultra-clear glass up beside the standard glass. These kinds of Ultra clear glass are an end result of the manufacturer minimizing the amount of iron content in the glass.

Most people don’t often imagine iron in glass, but it is an element that is a crucial portion of the manufacturing process with glass. And to create this low iron content glass, they often tend to use a Silica-rich process instead– silica being a component found in sand.

There are some terrific advantages to this type of glass, and not just the visual appeal. We have actually seen a significant growth in the production of ultra-clear styles of glass through the solar power industry. Because this type of glass can hold heat longer it is the recommended choice for solar panel glass. This shows that we will keep seeing manufacturing costs reduce in the future as a result of this increase in interest.

But as with any element of a Custom Glass Pool Fence on the Gold Coast, you have to consider your swimming pool size and budget– often these premier glass types are thought of as a luxury product. If you wish to speak to anyone about possible clear glass choices, feel free to call us on 1300 937 902.

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