A guide to DIY Glass Pool fencing on Timber decking

A guide to DIY Glass Pool fencing on Timber decking

DIY Glass Pool Fencing: The Setup

If you possess the abilities and the knowledge, or have consulted someone who has and are still keen for taking the job on then you should shop around for a decent supplier who retails at reasonable prices. Many glass pool fence supply companies can proffer you products at a highly reduced price compared with the major hardware chains. You should choose one that is willing to chat with you over the phone or one where you can grab the goods yourself. Any morsel of insider information will aid you on your way to setting up your own glass pool fence. This guide is not a step-by-step instructions for putting in fences because every kind of fence will differ somewhat in its install and each location will need a different kind of approach– that is why specialist pool fencing installers are frequently required. However, that being said, if you do choose to take the DIY technique, we want to give you a few ideas for different sorts of installs so you have a greater likelihood of success.


DIY Glass Pool Fencing: Wooden Deck Applications

For the non-professionals, we only advise installations to timber decking as this is among the simpler types of installations. This process is easier as there is no requirement to handle concrete cutting for holes and as long as your deck is in good condition then there should be no problem with fixing a glass pool fence or glass balustrade to it. Probably the most useful thing to keep in mind with this kind of installation is that the glass is remarkably weighty and in strong wind locations the glass screens can act as a sail and catch the wind. For this reason, we greatly recommend that the joists beneath your deck be double in the places where the base plated spigots will be positioned.

Though there are a great deal of spigot styles out there, the majority of them will possess a 100mm radius, or similar where the spigots have to be fixed to the timber. This is typically done with four holes in the base plate of your spigot and to ensure that each baton screw (recommended fixing) will be going into a large piece of timber. This is attained by using double joist timber below where the spigots are mounted. This will make sure your glass panels have a solid base and reduce the motion in the wind.

If you want to talk more about DIY Glass Pool Fencing and ways to install various kinds of glass pool fencing or balustrade, or if you want to get a free quote on DIY materials, then please call us on 1300 937 902 or visit our Pool Fence website and DIY pool fence Website

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