Glass Pool Fence Gates

Premium Glass Pool Fence Gates

While including a glass gate to your frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fence is considered an essential item, there are generally a number of possibilities that you can choose from. It may be wise to take into consideration the measurements of the gate, the how heavy you want the gate to be, the positioning, the way it opens and the kinds of hinges you wish to consider.

The normal sizes that most glass pool fences can accommodate come in widths of 750mm, 834mm and 890mm. These are for a typical 8mm thickness toughened glass gate with spring loaded self-closing hinges. Self-closing hinges are needed by legislation to ensure that your pool fence gate will close automatically– because safety is key, and you don’t want to risk anyone inadvertently getting into the pool. It is conceivable to have a bigger gate fitted with spring loaded hinges however we have discovered that the ‘sail area’ of the gate can obstruct how well it closes. That means that the gate can catch the wind and even act as a sail with the wind, which means that these forces work against it’s ability to close sometimes and can cause difficulties.

If you are hunting for a better kind of hinge for your pool fence gate, we strongly recommend checking out soft-close hinges. Whilst the standard spring loaded hinges suffice for pool safety compliance there is another product on offer that permits a much softer close and eliminates practically any latching sound that you get with spring loaded hinges. This style of hinge is a superior product and enables us to use a slightly thicker glass gate that will fit the frameless panels at 12mm thick.

Not only does the soft self-closing hinge practically eliminate any sound when closing up and enables thickness matching of the glass panels on a frameless system, but it also allows us to create and custom manufacture a gate that is a little wider than standard. This is of course within reason, but we have generally found gates up to 1000mm wide will still close gently with a premium soft close hinge. As the glass cut-outs for this hinge are also unique to the typical hinge cut-outs we can see to it that the glass suits the opening nicely.

Because we intend to deliver the most ideal quality at affordable prices, we in fact offer a very good deal for these kinds of hinges. As the price of these hinges is usually a lot more than what clients plan, here at Absolut Custom Glass Systems we actually only charge our clients our cost price when invoicing. By doing this we can ensure the customer has easy access to a quality product while still keeping to a budget.

If you have any inquiries about hinges, gates, or other aspects of pool fences on the Gold Coast, don’t wait to contact us or learn more at our website

Customised Solutions

At Absolut, we have the expertise to provide custom architectural designs for all frameless glass pool fencing applications such as raked glass, coloured tinted glass and even curved glass. Absolut’s stainless steel hardware comes with options for premium soft close hinges to hold 12mm gates and a range of customised square or round spigots along with customised stainless steel special fittings to suit any application.

Our custom glass is engineered to the highest standard by Australia’s leading glass manufacturer.

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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

We provide an Lifetime Structural Warranty on all frameless glass pool fencing and glass balustrade installations. This provides our clients cover against any unlikely problems in our products or in our workmanship. This is a competitive edge that provides us a substantial advantage over our competitors.


Company Brochure

Our company catalogue contains a range of success stories and fantastic Glass Pool Fencing products readily available on the Gold Coast. Absolut Custom Glass has been installing frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fences for close to 20 years so you can feel assured you are dealing with a company that knows its business well.


Absolut Value

Glass Fencing is more affordable than ever! So, don’t believe that our quality products will bust your budget. You don’t become successful in this business for close to 20 years by overcharging. We are still one of the most trusted and competitively priced companies in our industry in the Gold Coast and South East Queensland.


Design Concepts

We pride ourselves on the fact we have the capacity to design a pool enclosure that will bring out the best in your home and add to the value for your property for many years to come. We recognize that the pleasure of owning your own pool can’t be trumped, and you want to have the ability to make the most of your views.

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Get in contact with us today for a free measure and quote for all your glass pool fencing and glass balustrade requirements. We will beat the price of any of our competitors. We provide a lifetime structural warranty on all frameless glass fencing. 

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