The Gold Coast and inflatable pools – Do I need to have a pool fence?

For lots of people out there on a strict budget, the inflatable pool is a tried and tested Aussie icon. But you may be startled to learn that you may in reality be breaking the law in Queensland and all over Australia.
In Queensland the regulation that deals with this is
AS1926.1 -2007 Swimming Pool Safety Part 1: Fencing for swimming pools, and

– Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 3.4– Swimming Pool Barriers

I would highly urge people to try and be aware of these documents if they have any uncertainty with their Gold Coast pool fencing or pool– and yes, this does include blow up swimming pools.
That is since while an inflatable pool may be cheaper, and short-term, it is still a thing that can lead to drowning risks for kids and animals and as such is caught within the Queensland pool fencing laws.
This means that you would are required to have a permit to ‘install the pool’– yes that would even include inflating it in your backyard.
You would also need to put it in an area that is fully fenced and can not be accessed directly from the home. Which means that a normal backyard would not be good enough for this– instead, you need a dedicated fenced part that your back door does not open onto.
However, families are able to use inflatable swimming pool with no authorisation provided the maximum height is under 30cm and the pool holds under 2000L.
If you have an inflatable pool larger than this then that means that your inflatable pool or temporary pool will have to have:

– A pool safety fence that is at the very least 120cm from top to bottom
– Self-closing as well as self-latching gates on the fence that can shut from any level of openness, and
– There cannot be any climbable objects situated within 90cm of the pool safety fence.

If you have any concerns about pool fences, pool fence regulations on the Gold Coast, or being able to use short-term of inflatable pools then Absolut Custom Glass are experts on all things pool fencing and pool laws– we are more than happy to talk to you about what is permitted, and possible options so that you have a safe and happy time in your pool. You can get in touch with us on 1300 937 902

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