How to be safe in the pool – the dangers of drowning

Your Gold Coast swimming pool is probably one of the absolute most enjoyed points of your house– especially in summer! It helps you kick back, cool off, socialise and just simply enjoy life. But you should never fully forget that swimming pools can often be among the more hazardous parts of your home. That is why Absolut would like to show you a number of ways why you should be putting in a high-grade Gold Coast pool fence and never underestimate the value of pool safety.
Danger of drowning
We can all admit that drowning is a serious hazard with backyard swimming pools. The Royal Life Saving Society reported in 2017 that drowning is the major cause of death in Queensland for kids aged 1 to 4 years.
But don’t forget, drowning risks are always important, and it isn’t just a concern for kids. The same Royal Life Saving Society report also highlighted that in 2017 alone 291 people drowned in Australian waterways– that is up from 282 in 2016 and 266 in 2015.

It is not just an Australian problem, in fact it is understood by the WHO that, worldwide, the 3rd leading cause of unintentional death is, in fact, drowning-– causing 360,000 deaths globally every year.
If we were to consider drowning, most of us would only know what we see in movies – so we would visualize a person thrashing about above the water, trying to call for assistance. But actually few drowning cases in backyard swimming pools actually have the person straining on the surface. For children, they can get surprised, swallow water, and sink to the bottom– and for grownups often there could be an accident which incapacitates them. This means that they will sink to the bottom of the pool. Even if you are in the next room it would certainly be very difficult to actually see that somebody was drowning.
Drowning can be a quick and frightening process, and you have to make certain that you are watching your children at all times, and if you are in a pool on your own or with friends you need to make sure that you are not playing roughly, not taking unnecessary risks around the pool edge, and not drinking.

One of the best ways to enhance your pool safety and lower the risk of drowning is by installing a premium quality pool safety barrier or pool fence. At Absolut we recommend Glass fencing not just because it seems good, but because it offers less risk for climb points and is simpler to keep people out of dangerous situations. No matter how good your fence is though, you must make sure it is properly maintained and also no climbable objects are ever put against the edge of your fence.

Just bear in mind though, nothing is more vital for pool safety than active supervision– so always keep watch.

If you have any concerns about Gold Coast pool safety or what sort of pool safety fence would be best suited to your home, please contact Absolut on 1300 937 902

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